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The Zufinx (pronounced Zoo-fi-inks) is a pet only available through using a Mysterious Orb.

The flashing avatar features the Earth element.

Official InformationEdit

Little is known about the highly mysterious Zufinx. Ancient paintings that tell strange tales of the Zufinx have been found covering old cave walls. They depict this pet as a sacred, legendary mystic who is summoned to perform magic, both good and bad. The actual Zufinx was only discovered quite recently and may be unlocked through the use of a dark orb. The Zufinx is believed to possess a wide array of mythical powers. It is both wise and physically strong. Zufinx like to keep to themselves, but they are known to aid others in times of great need. The Zufinx is very patient and is rumoured to live for centuries.



Available Zufinx ElementsEdit