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Kind, curious, and fiercely possessive, Zenox are perhaps one of the most loyal pets a person can have. It is possible that, due to the fact that the species is not the most popular, that Zenox show show this intense loyalty to anyone willing to show even a scrap of kindness to the odd creatures.


9ft nose to tailtip

Fun! Fact

Zenox have been known to present their owners with gifts (and not the kind that Kynn so often leave in unsuspecting shoes). These gifts range from flowers to bits of shiny jewels to unstable mud sculptures.

Danger! Fact

It should be noted that the claws of a Zenox are not simply for show, although it takes a lot of abuse before a Zenox even considers using them. Even then, while painful, the wounds a Zenox inflict are rarely fatal.

Famous Zenox


The Zenox (pronounced Zee-Nnoxx) is a pet available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria.

The Zenox is a long, slender lizard-like creature, easily identifiable by its four eyes and six limbs. Its strange visage is an acquired taste for most, as many are wary of it because of how it looks. Some call it alien, wondering if it truly originated in Anatheria at all. Zenox are amazingly skilled at using all of their limbs in combination with their lanky build, and a rare few have been known to fight using a unique type of aerial martial arts.

The flashing avatar features the Air element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Feared by most due to the species appearance and mysteriousness, they're not much sought after pets, apart from those with a strange disposition. Although different in the way they look, the Zenox are a peaceful lot, although fiercely protective."

The plural of Zenox is Zenox.

Male Zenox are known as Zenox, while females are known as Zenoc.

Currently all Zenox are drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • While Zenox have four eyes and excellent eyesight, they are more likely to go blind than any other species on Anatheria.
  • Zenox are hoarders, and are not above using their second set of forelimbs to steal shiny objects, or anything else that may grab their attention.
  • Zenox have been known to be strangely artistic, creating anything from crude sculptures to delicate paintings.


  • When revamping the Angelic Zenox, InsaneCoffee tried to deviate from the original's pink color scheme. However, the rest of the staff wanted it to remain pink, and thus the more tan and golden version was changed.

Available ElementsEdit