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Xyions are mild mannered and wise in general. They don't like conflict and will try to solve everything with understanding before violence. They eat vegatation and some insects.


The Xyion is typically 1' 5" to 2' 2" when fully grown.

Fun! Fact

Xyions get along with any other type of pet, making them ideal for Users with large amounts of pets.

Danger! Fact

Xyion have small, but very sharp fangs lining their mouths. They only bite when threatened badly, though, so it's usually of no concern.

Famous Xi

The Candy Shop Shopkeeper

The Xyion (pronounced Zy-on) is a rare pet, specially obtained.

As one of Anatheria's most beloved species, it's no secret as to why. With its endearing, adorable smile and neverending kind heart, the Xyion will warm up to just about anyone in no time at all. It never judges anyone, and will always be there to lend comfort if you're feeling down. Resembling furred reptiles, the Xyion resides in forests and fields, and sometimes the mountains. They aren't very large, but can bite if needed. They emit cute squeaking, grumbling noises similar to those of guinea pigs when happy.

Because of their reptillian half, Xyions lay eggs. These eggs are beautiful and resemble the style of the mother Xyion.

The flashing avatar features the Air element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"A small rodent like pet that likes to dig burrows to hide and rear it's young in. Of friendly nature, but when ticked off - boy can it bite!"

The plural of Xyion is Xi.
Male Xi are known as Xyen, while female Xi are known as Xyioness.
Currently all Xyion are drawn by InsaneCoffee.

Obtaining a XyionEdit

The Xyion is only obtainable through of hatching one of the elusive Xyion Eggs, or by using a Xyion Morphing Vial on an existing pet.


  • The first, non-revamp pet that InsaneCoffee created.
  • The Xyion was originally intended to resemble a kangaroo.


Available ElementsEdit