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Ursa are shy, sweet characters with a love for fish and berries. They are fairly intelligent and enjoy exploring whenever possible.



Fun! Fact

Ursa are warm and cuddly, and love to be loved by their owners. They even play the role of a teddy bear when someone needs a hug.

Danger! Fact

Ursa are ruthless killers when angered, but not to worry, they're fairly easy going so unless you really try to tick them off, you probably won't. They usually give a warning 'slap' of the paw as well if things are going in a negative direction.

Famous Ursa

Mining Ursa from the Power Drop Mine

Valentine Theme

The Ursa (pronounced Er-sar) is a small and mammalian pet, available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria.

Ursa resemble chibi style bear cubs, have small, round bodies with short limbs and a short, puffy tail. All Ursa have 4 spots on their foreheads.

The flashing avatar features the Water element.

Official InformationEdit

"Where Ursa originate from is not certain; but we do know that they migrated from mountainous regions to Anatheria in search of yearly fish. Ursa are surprisingly nimble, and despite their weight, they can easily climb trees or rocks, and are very good swimmers."

The plural of Ursa is Ursa.
Male Ursa are called Major while female Ursa are called Minor.
Currently all Ursa are drawn by gabsph.


  • The "Zombie" avatar features the Spiritual Ursa.
  • The word Ursa means 'bear', and is the name of the Ursa Major and Ursa Minor star constellations. This is probably also why the male and female Ursa are called such.


Available ElementsEdit