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Shy, cautious, and while timid will love their owner unconditionally; even when they outlive them.


Averaging 4 ft 5' (1.3m) at withers, with a wingspan of the same. Because of this, the Svalix cannot fly, contrary to popular belief.

Fun! Factor

A Svalix will preen itself at least once a day, and if given the chance, will try to preen their owner. Whilst small, it has been recorded that the Svalix can be ridden if a strong enough bond is made between owner and pet.

Danger! Factor

A Svalix will defend it's owner to the death. The species seems evolved for battle, with retractable claws on the forelegs and large, solid hooves on the hind legs. Three large horns are found on the face, and the mouth contains long wolf fangs that leave their Capistro descendants looking gummy mouthed. Being carnivorous, a wild Svalix may mistake a chumbuddy or lepus for a snack.

Famous Svalix

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The Svalix (pronounced Ss-vah-lix) is a small, carnivorous pet available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria. It resembles a pony with feline and canine features. The flashing avatar features the Earth element.

Official InformationEdit

"Long thought to be extinct from the plains of Anatheria, the sudden reappearance of the Svalix bodes well for the planet. Being a shy and cautious race, it is possible that they merely retreated into deep cover, but many naturalists are unconvinced. Svalix may outlive their master, due to the species natural longevity and, although timid, the affections of a Svalix are unconditional."'

The plural of Svalix is Svalix.
Male Svalix are known as Studs, while females are known as Mares.
Currently all Svalix are drawn by Whisperah.


  • Originally believed to be extinct.


Available ElementsEdit