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The Repere (pronounced Ree-pair-ray) is a small, raccoon based pet available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria. Reperes are hoarders and, without being malicious, tend to pick up other pets belongings and take them home.

The flashing avatar features the Earth element.

Official InformationEdit

"Vain but rather friendly. Repere tend to ignore everyone else while they're busy preening themselves, which is quite often."

The plural of Repere is Reperes.
Male Reperes are known as Boars, while females are known as Sows.
Currently all Reperes are drawn by Neiko, whom is retired.


  • The first pet ever to be released on Anatheria.
  • Originally designed and created by Anatheria's very first artist, cutepinks.


Available ElementsEdit