A Sapphire colored Chimera.

"Styles" refers to the different colors and elements that are available to pets on Anatheria. These styles are divided into colors and elements.

Most pets start out being the Natural element.


Colors are recolors of a Natural posed pet.

There are 8 colors to choose from: Amber, Amethyst, Garnet, Graphite, Peridot, Roseate, Sapphire, and Topaz.

To change a pet into those colors, a user has to use a paintbrush of the corresponding color (for example, a Graphite Paintbrush) on his or her pet. These paintbrushes can be purchases in user shops, or at this official shop.

However, there are three species colors (Albino, Onyx, and Pearl) that cannot be obtained using paint brushes. To color a pet one of these, a user must visit Nicci.


Elements are reposes of Natural pets. They also have the benefit of being able to learn elemental moves for the arena.

A Spiritual Imeng

There are 12 elements to choose from: Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Angelic, Demonic, Spiritual, Crystal, Lightning, Miasma, Lunar, and Wondrous.

A user can style his or her pet into the first 7 through use of a power drop (for example, an Angelic Power Drop). Natural Power Drops can be used to returned a styled pet back to its Natural form. Power Drops cannot be bought in any official shop, although they are often available in user shops. Power Drops can also be dug up at the Powerdrop Mine.

Pets can be styled Crystal through use of the Crystal Deity's Blessing. A Tesla Ball is used to turn pets Lightning. For Miasma pets, the necessary item is a Miasma Potion. Lunar pets are obtained through use of the Brush and Ink Kit. Wondrous pets can be styled by using the item Wondrous Jack.

Rainbow PaintbrushEdit

The Rainbow Paintbrush is a Donation Reward item that can turn a pet into any available color or element.


There is currently one Pet Species that is available in "Glamorous" colors. Currently there are only eight available (Glamorous Amber, Glamorous Amethyst, Glamorous Garnet, Glamorous Graphite, Glamorous Peridot, Glamorous Roseate, Glamorous Sapphire, and Glamorous Topaz).

Glamorous colors are reposes like elements, which sets them apart from normal colors. To get a Glamorous pet, one must use a Glamorous Comb of the correct color (such as a Glamorous Roseate Comb) on his or her pet.

Style-Changing ItemsEdit