Pastel Feathers  Edit

Pastel Feather

A Pastel Feather.

Pastel Feathers are the currency at the shop "April's Spring Goodies".

How to get Pastel FeathersEdit

You can only get Pastel Feathers in the month of April. They can be obtained by visiting Pet Profiles. Click on your Active Pet. See the little rectangle with the words,"Hunt for Eggs" in blue? Click on it. You might get a Pastel Feather! Other prizes include Egg Basket, Easter Eggs, Flavoured Eggs, and Decorated Eggs.

You can also hunt for eggs on other user's profiles, similar to Trick or Treating and Carol Singing.


Here are the prices of items in April's Spring Goodies:

Tesla Ball (styles your pet Lightning): 9 Pastel Feathers

Lightning Storm in a Bottle (unlocks the Lighrtning theme): 1 Pastel Feather

Willow's Candy Bowl (unlocks the Willow theme): 1 Pastel Feather

Valentine Love Potion (unlocks the Valentine theme): 1 Pastel Feather

Chumbuddies: 3 Pastel Feathers

Forum Avatars: 3 Pastel Feathers