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Pairoj are a gentle species. Very social, they are at their happiest when surrounding by others, be they of Pairoj kind or not.


13ft at shoulder


Pairoj are playful creatures, and a favorite "game" of theirs to play is spraying water on an unsuspecting owner.


While Pairoj are normally gentle beasts, when angered they tend to charge. If they manage to hit their target, they will not hesitate to stomp the victim to the ground.

Famous Pairoj

None, currently.

The Pairoj (pronounced pay-rouge) is a common elephant-like pet on Anatheria, obtainable via the Create A Pet page. They travel in herds and can be found in the plains and fields. They tend to gather around water holes where they have alot of fun with water. They're quite smart and can remember the best grazing areas as well as where ripe fruit trees can be found.

The flashing avatar features the Water element and was created by InsaneCoffee.

Official InformationEdit

"As big as this creature is, it's actually quite nimble and perfectly capable of jumping! The Pairoj species are herd beasts and prefer company or a lot of attention from their owner."

The plural of Pairoj is Pairoj.

Male Pairoj are known as Pairo, while female Pairoj are known as Paira.

All Pairoj are drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • Like most of the pets that InsaneCoffee has drawn, all the Pairoj elements were completed before its release.
  • There was a large gap of time between the Pairoj's creation and its release. Because of this, InsaneCoffee was no longer happy with the first Natural Pairoj and redrew it.


Available ElementsEdit