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The Nuhli (pronounced Knew-lee) is a numbat-based, common pet on Anatheria, obtainable via the Create-a-Pet page.

The flashing avatar features the Air element and was created by InsaneCoffee.

Official InformationEdit

"Nuhli are small, territorial creatures. It is rare to see two Nuhli together, as they are fiercely competitive when it comes to food. Despite this, a Nuhli may get along well members of other species, provided those other species do not pose a threat of any sort. Nuhli do make excellent pets once tamed, just as long as they are provided with a large enough area to roam, burrow, and hunt for insects. Potential owners should also be aware: Nuhli are hoarders, and tend to steal shiny objects to store in their pouches."

The plural of Nuhli is Nuhli.

All Nuhli are drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • Originally created by Hinata.
  • All elements were completed before its release.


Available ElementsEdit