Nicci is an NPC on Anatheria. She is a young, anthro Graphite Vulpes and, most notably, a witch. She lives in the Witch's Tower on Zombie Island. Nicci is willing to use her magic to help you... if you can wake her up.


Nicci is a young witch. Her exact age is unknown (quite possibly because it's considered rude to ask a woman her age), although she's likely in her late teens or early twenties. Little is known about her family, although, presumably, she must have parents somewhere.

As a child, she had always been interested in magic. Her nose was always in a book, and she loved to read stories in which magic played a major role. As she began to mature, her tastes in books changed, but not by much. She went from reading fantasy, to reading technical books on magic and its workings. It was during that time that she learned about the large, abandoned tower on Zombie Island. She became simply obsessed with the tower and researched its history.

After learning that there had been a witch in that some tower long ago (so very long ago that there is no information on this previous witch and no one alive can even recall a time when she was still there), the young Nicci decided that it was time for another witch to reside there. But, of course, first she had to earn herself the title of Witch. After much studying and tedious hours of training, she was able to awaken some sort of magical ability in herself.

She moved to Zombie Island shortly thereafter, and announced her presence all throughout Anatheria. If you could bring her an Amulet, she'd repay you nicely. Not in anthars or something material, no, but the Amulet helped strengthen her powers, and as a token of appreciation, she'd use those powers on your pet. She is often physically drained after excercising these powers, however, and will drop off to sleep until her energy is replenished. Because of this, she rarely has the time or energy to learn new spells.

As time goes on, Nicci has been acting a bit bitter. She finds herself disgusted that people only come to visit for magic and potions, never to see how the young witch is doing. But such is the life of a witch, and she accepts it if only because it allows her the chance to surround herself in magic so like that which was always present in her favorite stories.

Waking NicciEdit

To wake Nicci, you need to obtain an Amulet and use it. Once you've done that, you can visit her once daily to ask her to use her magic for you. The following are what you can ask Nicci to do.

  • "Test your magic on [your active pet]." - This will yield a random result. It could completely fill your pet's hunger or happiness meters, it could raise a stat, make your pet crystal, or nothing can happen. There is also specualtion that this can transform your pet into a Siobwa if certain conditions are met.
  • "Colour [your active pet] Pearl/Onyx/Albino" - Nicci's magic is the only way to get these three styles (and they're really spiffy, too!) It costs 15,000 anthars to change your pet Onyx and Pearl, and 25,000 anthars to change your pet Albino.

Siobwa TheoryEdit

The most popular theory for obtaining a Siobwa is that you have to visit Nicci and have her test her magic on your pet (in hopes that your pet will be transformed into a Siobwa). The only real condition that we know has to be met (as confirmed by Pyroneus) is that your pet's style must be available to the Siobwa species. However, whether your pet will turn into one is based entirely on chance. There is a good deal of evidence through hints given by the site staff that this is a highly plausible theory.

It is also known that wishing at the Wishing Well doubles your chances of your pet turning into a Siobwa (as told to us by Pyroneus as a hint).

There has been one recorded instance of a user obtaining a Siobwa through this method. However, said user did not want a Siobwa, and therefore changed it back to a different pet species.


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