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Miilydork was a super moderator and graphic artist on Anatheria; she has been a member of Anatheria since the 27th of April, 2005. She was a moderator from the 17th of July, 2008 to the summer of 2012. She headed the AFAC when Kla could no longer keep it up, but when University came, she too could not give enough time to Anatheria and the AFAC. She contributed to a few avatars, icons, blog layouts, and site layouts (which can be seen below.)

Becoming a moderatorEdit

In late June of 2008, when applications could be sent in to apply for a moderator postion, she sent in her application. Then in mid July the five winners were announced in the news; one of them being Miilydork.

Personal InformationEdit

No one really knows what she is, it changes almost everyday, or perhaps she is just a hybrid-- some sort of cannibalistic muffin dragon. To make it more confusing, her persona is a human, called Mii. (Oo, an enigma!) Mii takes a balloon with her everywhere she goes, called Dum-Dum. Mii's overalls say "LOVE" on the pocket, and Dum-Dum's head has "HATE" written on it.

She was Ana-married to the user Scallywag on September 9th, 2008. (They expect presents. Always. Heh heh.)

Apparently, she's a design student at a university in the Midwest United States. She hopes that she won't be homeless and hungry after she graduates.

After moderationEdit

Afterwards, she tried to be more active, but she had university studios to attend and work on, a campus publication to assistant design direct (then design direct), and a passion for naps. She has made a few more site layouts that can be applied to users' accounts with Custom CSS that can be found in the Account Settings. (Seen here .) If you wish to contact Miilydork, the easiest way to do so is via Twitter, Tumblr, or e-mail, which can be found or requested on this page .

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