Natural Kales


Quiet, analytical, and whimsical. Kalaes are very joyful creatures, but will lash out over something they're protecting.


6ft (1.8m) at tailtip. 15ft (4.6m) wingspan.

Fun! Fact

HOARDERS - Kalaes will hoard just about anything they find enjoyable. Most commonly, these are shiny objects, such as weapons and jewels.

Danger! Fact

DEFENDERS - Kalaes will become easily aggrivated when their hoards have been touched or harmed in any way. They will often chase offenders away with tooth and claw, sometimes even throwing objects from their hoards.

Famous Kalaes

Hally, the October Treats keeper.

The Kalaes (pronounced Kah-LAY-us) is a small dragon-like pet obtained through the Create a Pet on Anatheria, released on October 31st (Halloween) of 2009.

Kalaes primarily make their homes in caves and caverns that are rich in minable items, such as the Power Drop Mine. They are small and sleek, outside of the many pieces of armor and headgear that they wear. They have large wings that they use to glide from cliff to cliff. Their wings are also used in the event that they fall from climbing on the ceiling.

Kalaes are commonly found with gems floating from their body, which stay afloat through a type of lost magic that only the species seems to be aware of (it is unknown if Nicci the Witch uses this kind of magic). The items floating off of the pet's body do not necessarily have to be gems, however. Most often, Kalaes will attach their favorite items from their hoards, which can range from shells, to feathers, and even to living creatures.

The flashing avatar features the Air element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Kalaes are best known as miners, digging into even the deepest of caves to find the shiniest and most colorful gems. They will almost always imbue these gems with magic, attaching them to headdresses or various parts of their body. They are very slender, making them able to crawl through even the smallest of tunnels. They use their wings to glide about larger caverns, crossing in a flash."

The plural of Kalaes is Kalaes.
Male Kalaes are known as Kals, while females are known as Els.
Currently all Kalaes are drawn by CometCon.


  • 'Kalaes' is Elvish for Graveyard.
    • This may be an homage to their release date (Halloween) and the only known Kalaes NPC, Hally.
  • The Albino Kalaes is the only Albino to have blue colorings, rather than red or grey.



Available Kalaes ElementsEdit