Julaxisa are extremely intelligent, and they use it to their full advantage. Capable of driving just about anyone mad with confusion and rage due to their constant pranks and gags, Julaxisa are sometimes regarded as bullies and snobs. Underneath their snickering exterior, though, they're actually quite easy going and mild if you can deal with everything else long enough to earn their respect.


4" long nose to tail

Fun! Fact

Julaxis make wonderful spies, and can squeeze just about anywhere to find hidden or hard to reach objects.

Danger! Fact

Claws, teeth, and sharp, feather-like spines on their back legs and tails make them formidable opponents in the Arena. Couple this with their keen minds and you won't overcome them easily.

Famous Julaxisa

The Welcome Sign holder on the Anatheria homepage

The Julaxis (pronounced jool-axe-iss) is a quirky, cunning pet available othrough the Create a Pet page on Anatheria. It resembles a strange combination of cat and lizard in many aspects. It's an avid trickster and loves to see people in shock or a state of frightened surprise. Its slender body makes it a fast runner and an agile climber of trees. The grin you see plastered on its face is always a sign of amusement or mischief, but never really malice. As much as it likes to cause a commotion, it isn't truly evil.

The flashing avatar features the Earth element, and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"The Julaxis is a trickster by nature, and simply adores pulling pranks on other pets. There is an ever-present mischief glinting in their clever eyes; it may not be wise to have your back turned to them, as they will always seize the chance to play jokes on the unsuspecting individual."

The plural of Julaxis is Julaxisa.
Male Julaxis are known as Julaxio, and females are called Julaxi.
Currently all Julaxisa are drawn by Hinata.


  • The first version of the Julaxis appeared to have no nose, while the current version has small nostril dots like a lizard.


Available Julaxis ElementsEdit