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InsaneCoffee's staff plushie.

InsaneCoffee is one of Anatheria's official Artists. She became an artist when she was thirteen, during June of 2006. She was shortly named Artist of the Month that July for her revamp of the Monkmus species. Currently she is 19 and still can't get enough of Anatheria.

She answers to a lot of nicknames. The most common of those are Coffee, Insane, and IC. For the sake simplicity on this page, 'Coffee' will be used.

Personal InformationEdit

Coffee doesn't think of herself as too interesting. She draws, she reads, and she spends far too much time online. She has a younger brother and her birthday is September 10th (she'll have you know she loves her sapphire birthstone). College has recently taken up a lot of her time. At the moment she has one pet: a fat, black cat named Chris.

She's shy but likes to talk and hopes people find her approachable.

The "Disappearance"Edit

For a period of about six months Coffee was on a forced hiatus and wasn't online at all. Said hiatus was due to a lack of internet and a broken computer (and thus even if she had had internet at the time it wouldn't have made a difference). However, as soon as she was able to get internet and a shiny new computer, she was back online and her artist status was returned to her. This made her incredibly happy.

Anatheria WorkEdit

Though she is an artist, Coffee does moderate the site as staff members are wont to do.

She is currently in charge of 9 pet species: Aulyn, Behemoth, Guanaco, Monkmus, Nuhli, Pairoj, Waryll, Xyion, and Zenox.

She's drawn a number of NPCs, such as Nicci, Albert, Willow, and Kate Lockwell. She has revamped the Healing Lake and also drawn items and other miscellaneous images.

Along with illustrations, she's done some graphics (avatars and layouts).

She keeps a list of what she's drawn on her profile. Items she's drawn are in her gallery.