Illidan are shy and keep to themselves most of the time. Highly active at night, so one can find hoards of Illidan in flight anytime after dark. During the day they sleep in trees. It's been said that the best time to capture or befriend one of these fluffy little creatures in just before dusk, when its on the verge of waking and easily startled.


1' 5"

Fun! Fact

Illidan love to lead their owners on midnight quests for fun or food. They sleep all day but are eager to play all night. Best for people with a backwards schedule.

Danger! Fact

Illidan only bite in self defense, but if they do, it sure hurts. Demonic and Miasma Ilidan are capable of injecting vemon during bites as well.

Fanmous Illidi

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The Illidan (pronounced ill-li-da-an) is a bat-bunny hybrid-like pet available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria. Being batlike makes it nocturnal in nature and it can comfortably hang upside down. Its huge ears allow superior hearing as well as leverage for climbing and balance in general. It can't see in the dark, and uses an internal radar-like sound system to navigate through the darkness.

The flashing avatar features the Demonic element, and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Illidan prefer to live in a dark environment, mainly because they're nocturnal. This habit may come from having poor eyesight, making them rather sensitive to bright light. But they're experts in the darkest of nights."

The plural of Illidan is Illidi.
Male Illidi are referred to as IIlido, and females are Illida.
Currently all current Illidi are drawn by Kurokitty, whom is retired.


  • Illidan is the name of a popular character from the World of Warcraft games.


Available Illidan ElementsEdit