NPC Status

October Treats

Fun! Fact

PUMPKINS - Hally, like all Kalaes, hoards objects of sorts. However, unlike most, who primarily collect inantimate objects, hoards pumpkins.

Danger! Fact

GROUCH - Hally will never hesitate to mob those who attempt to bring harm to her pumpkins. However, when the harm of her pumpkins falls to the passing seasons, she simply becomes greatly irritable. It is suggested that she is avoided during these times.

Hally is the October Treats NPC, and was released to the public on October 13th, 2009. She was (at the time) based off of no particular pet. However, several days later on Halloween, the Kalaes was released, revealing her species of origin.

According to her greeting, Hally has "been called Samhein, All Hallow's Eve, and Halloween." It is possible that she herself is Halloween.

Seasonal InformationEdit


Hally's Winter forme.

It is suggested by Hally's Winter Plushie that she turns Albino for the Winter, and finds herself with lights on her tail. Most often when she is seen in this form, she appears greatly irritated. It is said by CometCon that "Her pumpkins must've frozen over. Yes, that's it."

From this, one can draw that frosty pumpkins do not equal a happy Hally. It's also possible she dislikes Spring as well, when the possibility of pumpkins growing is at zero.

Interview with HalloweenEdit

Q:How did you get a lock of Nicci's hair for your shop, Hally?

A: Heeheehee. Revenge.

Q: Is that pumpkin you're sitting on comfortable?

A: Never sat on something more comfortable in my life. You should try it some time.

Q: Were you aware that there is a candy corn hanging off your tail?

A: Yes, I put it there.

Q: If so, may I eat it?

A: It's actually made of stone, so it's not a wise idea.

Q: Is the moon always that bright where you are?

A: Believe it or not, the sun actually does come out sometimes on Zombie Island.

Q: Is that skull behind you possessed? I think it's watching you, Hally. Be careful.

A: Oh, that's just Skull Cave. It's always like that.


  • 'Hally' is a play on the word Halloween.
    • This is most likely an homage to the fact that she is the October Treats NPC.
  • Hally is featured in the Halloween layout theme.
  • Hally appears to become Albino in the winter.
    • It is unknown whether or not she changes colors for other seasons.
      • It is also unknown if all Kalaes present this seasonal color change.