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Famous Guanacos

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The Guanaco is available through the Create a Pet page.

The flashing avatar features the Air element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

Guanacos are quite shy. They can be easily annoyed or scared, and because of this, Guanacos will often attack when threatened. However, they are usually gentle creatures with great personalities. The Guanaco dislikes being on its own and may go beserk if alone for a long period of time. Guanacos live in herds of at least ten animals, and their largest herds may reach over 500 beasts. Guanacos very docile and live a simple life of roaming the fields and munching on their favourite food, which is grass. Despite that they are easily spooked and are quite temperamental, Guanacos form inseparable bonds with their friends and families and will die to protect their young.

The plural of Guanaco is Guanacos.

Both males and females are known as Guanacos.

The Natural, Air and Demonic Guanacos were drawn by Hanako. The rest were drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • The Guanaco species spent a long while without an artist. Eventually, a comment from the user Vocaloid inspired InsaneCoffee to take over the species.


Available ElementsEdit