Image of Skull Cave Fishing Resort

 Fishing on Anatheria is a way to get all sorts of little goodies; It is fairly simple.

Getting a RodEdit

Well, you can't fish without a rod! There are 3 types of fishing rods: Basic fishing rod, Master Fishing Rod, and Extreme Angler Rod. You can start off with the Basic or with the pros.

How to FishEdit

See the black bar on the top of the Anatheria page? Go under "Items" and then click "Move Items". You will see pictures of all your items. Scroll down until you see the rod you purchased. See the little bar underneath the picture of the rod? Click the little arrow in the bar and select "1".  then scroll to the very top or bottom of the page. There are several boxes that say "User Shop" and "User Gallery". Click on "User Collection".

If you want to make sure your rod got placed in your Item Collection, read on. If not, skip to the next paragraph. Go back to the black bar at the top of the screen under "Items" and find "View my Item Collection". Click it. If you see the rod, great, it is in your collection and you can start fishing!

Again, at the black bar on top of the Anatheria page, hover over "Professions" and click "Fishing - Skull Cave".  You can't fish at Coral Beach until later on. You will see a picture of a cat-looking fisherman saluting to you and grinning. Click anywhere on the picture. If it says "Nothing Bites," keep clicking. Eventually you will find something like an Old Boot or a common Tattered Cloth.  some other items include the Spooky Pirate Medalion, the Cracked Cup, Dead Worm, and those plentiful Tattered Cloths I mentioned earlier. You can earn Skill Points too, but those appear randomly. Once you get 75 Skill Points in fishing, you can go to Coral Beach (on Moon Island) as well as Skull Cave.

Good luck fishing! ~SpiritStar123