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Wary at first, but easily befriendable.



Fun! Fact

Diacoes are very popular due to their resemblence to many other popular creatures and characters.

Danger! Fact

Hell hath no fury like a Diaco scorned.

Famous Diacoes

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The Diaco (pronounced Dee-ac-co) is a rare pet, specially obtained.

A small pet resembling a rodent with some fox and cat like features, and it is not native to Anatheria. This fact makes it shy and careful. Because of it's adorable appearence, many people desire owning one. This fact doesn't help its nervous ways, but given time, it becomes sweet and trusting. It has been said that the Diaco and its Elements resemble the Pokemon Eevee and its evolutions, making it even more popular.

The flashing avatar features the Water element.

Official InformationEdit

"Diacoes have a very sweet and loving nature, and they're pretty rare too. Diacoes are not native to Anatheria and are pretty wary of everything around them."

The plural of Diaco is Diacoes.
Male Diacoes are known as Bucks, while female Diacoes are known as Does.
Currently all Diacoes are drawn by Hanako, whom is retired.

Obtaining a DiacoEdit

The only method of obtaining a Diaco is to use a Morphing Vial on a pre-existing pet.


  • We have no idea who originally designed and created the Diaco species. They were submitted via an email, which has long been lost.
  • The Diaco was Anatheria's first "rare" pet.
  • It is believed Diacoes are actually an extinct race of aliens that have settled on Anatheria after their own planet's ecosystem failed.
    • A second theory is that the Diaco was created by science or magic, being that it can only be obtained through its Morphing Vial.


Available ElementsEdit