Outdoorsy, demanding, and loyal. Cruzes love spreading their wings almost as much as they love asking for food of their owners. However, if their demands can be met, Cruzes become the best of friends.


10ft (3m) from nose to tailtip. 25ft (7.6m) wingspan.

Fun! Fact

FLIGHT - Cruzes are said to be some of the best fliers in all of Anatheria, able to do amazing tricks. It's said they can fly higher than even airplanes.

Danger! Fact

FIRE, FIRE! - Cruzes are very tolerant creatures. However, when this tolerance runs out, watch out! They spit flame from their fire bellies, which has an oily smell.

Famous Cruz

Equipment Shopkeeper, Spooky Foods Shopkeeper(?)

The Cruz (pronounced Crews) is a large dragon egg pet available from the Hatchery page on Anatheria, and their release date is unknown.

This majestic creature shares many traits with its fabled dragon kin of the past, such as firebreathing, other elemental abilities depending on type, and a strong urge to guard things. Cruzes make excellent watchpets and even better steeds; afterall, who wouldn't love to fly around on their dragon's back? As loyal and funloving as they may be to a proper owner, the Cruz will never back down from someone it doesn't trust, so be careful.

The flashing avatar features the Earth element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Loyal, and yet can be fairly demanding. Cruzes love open areas and become extremely agitated if they're not able to go outside and express themselves."

The plural of Cruz is Cruzes.
Both male and female Cruzes are known as Cruz.
Currently all Cruzes are drawn by Weregon, whom is retired.


  • The 9th pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • Named after a retired administrators brother.


Available Cruz ElementsEdit