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The Craynik (pronounced Cray-nik) is a crab-like pet available on Anatheria, released in January 2009 in conjunction with the Skull Cave fishing game.

The flashing avatar features an Earth Craynik and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Snip, snip. What could that mysterious clicking sound be? The Craynik, first spotted on the secluded beach, was mistaken for a scissor-carrying plushie due to the clip of its large pair of claws. The Craynik clicks constantly, only stopping when it has a claw full of food. Also known for its famous sideways shuffle, the Craynik is found in abundance along Anatheria's coasts and in water-filled caves such as the Skull cave on Zombie Island."

The plural of Craynik is Crayfish.
Both male and female Crayfish are known as Craynik.
Currently all Crayniks are drawn by Art.

Obtaining a CraynikEdit

It is a rare pet that can only be obtained by fishing up and using either Craynik Flakes or an elemental Craynik Shell in Skull Cave. It has no morphing vial. Originally the flakes were intended to morph your pet into a Craynik, but they currently create a new Craynik. Using an elemental shell to create a Craynik will create a Craynik of that element, unless the element has not yet been released, in which case the user will receive the "That element is not available yet" message.


  • The 45th pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • The original Craynik artist was Kika (whom is retired), but it was never released as the fishing feature was a long time in the making. Unwilling to let such a cute pet become outdated, Art decided to revamp the Natural and create the elements ready for the release of the fishing feature.
  • The only pet available through fishing.


Available Craynik ElementsEdit