Coral Beach

Coral Beach is unlocked when the player reaches a Fishing Skill Level of 75. For more info on Fishing, visit the Fishing page.  

Items and AppearenceEdit

Coral Beach is on Moon Island. the picture has several rock formations jutting out of the shallow water. There appears to be no big waves, only small ones gently lapping at the shore. Here are a few items that have been found at Coral Beach (no specific order):

  • All types of Tattered Cloths.
  • Old Boot
  • Water Weeds
  • Sea Shell
  • Staghorn Coral
  • Clubbed Finger Coral
  • Ivory Tree Coral
  • Rusted Lock
  • Aloe Vera
  • Jellyfish: Blue Button, Crowned, Field, Golden, Princess, Ribbon, Spined, Striped, and Sunflower.

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