The Chimera is strong of body and of mind. It enjoys playing as much as it does hunting. Not much is known about it as some are fearful of its potential, but it's a loyal creature when its trust is earned. Its tails are likely more dangerous than it is.


Chimeras range from the size of a large dog to the size of a large bus.

Fun! Fact

Some legends claim the first Chimera was a Leopis bitten by a Miasma Ophidian, and that over the generations, their spots changed to stripes.

Danger! Fact

The tails bite, and spit poison. The Chimera itself? It has claws and teeth, so use your imagination, and don't make it angry.

Famous Chimera


The Chimera (pronounced Kye-MEER-uh) is a small cat-like pet availabe on Anatheria, released on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) of 2010. It is a rare pet and there is only one known method to create it.

The flashing avatar features the Fire element and was created by Flaafo.

Aside from being a Greek monster, 'Chimera' also has this definition: "Any similarly grotesque monster having disparate [very different] parts... A horrible or unreal creature of the imagination; a vain or idle fancy".

Official InformationEdit

"The Chimera are one of Anatheria's most interesting creatures. They are very fierce by nature and are some of the most cunning hunters on the planet. But do not be fooled; the Chimera is a loyal pet. Despite its snake tails, the Chimera is not as scary as it looks and can be quite affectionate with those it trusts. Its tail is perhaps the most unique in Anatheria; no one knows how it came to be, but it is believed that the first Chimera was bitten by a Miasma Ophidian. Instead of dying from the poison, it mutated and grew two tails instead. The Chimera is closely related to the Leopis."

The plural of Chimera is Chimeras.
Both male and female Chimeras are known as Chimera.
Currently all Chimeras are drawn by Hinata.

Obtaining a ChimeraEdit

The only known method to obtain a Chimera is to use a Morphing Vial. Another method may exist, but it is unknown at this time.


  • The 51st pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • Chimeras appear to be mutated Leopis.
  • The original Chimera artist was Mekki, but their version was never released.
  • It is possible that Chimeras are created when a Leopis is bit by a Miasma Ophidian.
  • Round 107 of the AFAC was dedicated to Chimeras, in honour of their release.
  • When the Chimera was released, it was not officially announced immediately, as Zerkonia was disappointed in the lack of comments on a previous news post and lack of users online.
  • In Greek myth, the Chimera is a creature with the body of a lioness, a goat's head on her back, and a snake's head on her tail, while Anatheria's Chimera resembles a creature similar to a tiger, lacking lion and goat characteristics.


Available Chimera ElementsEdit