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The Broci (pronounced Bur-ROW-key) is a rare pet, specially obtained. It was released November 24th 2011, in honour of the artists CometCon's birthday (November 23rd).

It resembles an crocodile with the bearing of a Kaprosuchus and lives along the banks and rivers of Barrens.

The flashing avatar features the Angelic element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"Broci are quiet giants, preferring to bask in the sun on the banks of rivers and lakes. They are a force to be reckoned with when angered, however. Their jaws have been known to tear even the strongest of armor like paper, leaving it in shreds. Their gnarly appearance makes them rather undesirable, but their docile nature more than makes up for it. They are known to have existed since the time of the Lacerta, possibly longer, having been found in fossil beds alongside them. They dominate the rivers of The Barrens, letting few who choose to swim pass them by."

The plural of Broci is Broci.

Both male and female Broci are known as Broci

Currently all Broci are drawn by CometCon.

Obtaining a BrociEdit

Broci are only obtainable through the use of an Broci Morphing Vial on pre-existing pets. These potions can be bought from user stores or created using an Broci Fossil. Broci Fossils are dug up in the Powerdrop Mine on Star Island, though they are very rare. The Fossil can the be taken to the Witch Doctor on Mystical Paradise, who will ask for an Empty Vial and a Bottle of Water to complete the process. Upon returning with the asked-for items, the user is immediately presented with an Broci Morphing Vial. Due to the price of Alchemist materials, it's almost cheaper, and certainly quicker, to just buy a morphing vial.


  • This is basically the coolest Crocodile themed pet ever.
  • The Broci is one of three pets that can be made from fossils.

Available Broci ElementsEdit