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Behemoths are loyal to anybody who shows them a bit of kindness. That said, they will not hesitate to attack when witnessing anybody or anything threatening anyone they care for.


12ft nose to tailtip

Fun! Fact

CHEER UP - Behemoths have been known to go to great lengths to cheer up a sad owner. Such acts include fawning over the owner, as if he or she was an egg ready to hatch, and doing strange little jumps and what could only be described as "dances."

Danger! Fact

PROTECTIVE MOTHERS - When it comes to eggs, a female Behemoth will attack anybody (even a beloved owner) who comes between her and her nest.

Famous Behemoth

None, currently.

The Behemoth (pronounced Beh-hee-muth) is a powerful egg pet available from the Hatchery page on Anatheria and was released August 23rd, 2008, on Anatheria's fourth birthday (or Anaversary).

Behemoth resemble large, peculiar wingless dragons. They feed on grasses and herbs, despite their appearence.

The flashing avatar features the Water element and was created by Kla.

Behemoth is a real word in English, and is defined by as: "Any creature or thing of monstrous size or power".

Official InformationEdit

"A creature of legend, there are many popular beliefs about this particular species. Despite its fierce appearance, Behemoth are herbivores and are a kind and gentle race."

The plural of Behemoth is Behemoth.
Both male and female Behemoth are known as Behemoth.
Currently all Behemoth are drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • The 41st pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • The Behemoth species went through many redraws, never being fully complete, until InsaneCoffee took over the pet in 2008. It was released shortly thereafter, and all current versions were drawn by her.
  • The Behemoth was originally designed by Weregon, whom is currently retired.
  • When drawing the elements, InsaneCoffee tried to make them "very elemental". For example, this is why the Fire Behemoth has bits of lava on its body and why the Water Behemoth is forming itself out of a puddle of water.
  • All elements were drawn before the species' release.


Available Behemoth ElementsEdit