The Bank NPC.

Bank of AnatheriaEdit

Formally known as the National Bank of Anatheria, this is the place to keep your Anthars safe! It is located in the City of Anatheria. It is to be noted that the Bank is separate from your Hand and (shop) Till.

What you can do at the BankEdit

At the Bank, you can Deposit and Withdraw your anthars. You will need a 4-digit PIN to do this for security. When you play a game or earn anthars in any general way, the anthars go to your Hand. When you purchase something from either a NPC or user shop, you pay out of your Hand. When you Deposit into your Bank account, the amount you enter will be transferred out of your Hand, and vice versa for Withdrawal. When you Transfer anthars to another user, the specified amount is transferred directly from your Bank account.

Bank BenefitsEdit

There are two main reasons why users Deposit into the Bank. The first is, of course, because the Bank is the best place to keep your anthars safe. Random events around the site do not affect the amount of anthars in your Bank account. The other reason is because you earn daily interest on the amount of money you entrust with the Bank. The annual interest rate in Anatheria is 17% on balances capped at 50,000,000 anthars.