Aulyn Natural Bigversion


Aulyns are laid back and pensive. They tend to laze around alot and study potion making. They make great pets for older people who can't give them as much exercise as a more energetic pet might need.


3' nose to tailtip

Fun! Fact

Aulyn make funny 'barking' sounds to communicate. A rare few people have reported teaching their Aulyns to speak.

Danger! Fact

Not much, actually. Aulyn rarely attack, and even when they do, those teeth are more for looks than anything else.

Famous Aulyn

None yet

The Aulyn (pronounced Awe-lin) is a pet available through the Create a Pet page on Anatheria. It was released on June 15th, 2008, which happened to be Father's Day that year.

The Aulyn is an interesting creature with the traits of an armadillo and a small lion. Although it sports noticable fangs, it's gentle and generally mild mannered. Aulyns may have untapped magical potential.

The flashing avatar features the Water element and was created by Kla .

Official InformationEdit

"Local legend says that the Aulyn is the twisted result of an Alchemist's madness. But, travel a little further north, and you'll be told that the Aulyn are the spirits of those who led a quiet life, transformed into these armoured creatures by a kindly god who promised them life eternal. Does it matter? Frightsome visage aside, an Aulyn is a curious pet for the like-minded individual. Don't be put off by the smell, either - Aulyn seem to believe that the best form of attack is defense."

The plural of Aulyn is Aulyn.
Male Aulyn are known as Aulyo, while females are known as Aulya.
Currently all Aulyn are drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • The 38th pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • Upon its release, Zerkonia described it as a "saber toothed Armadillo".


Available Aulyn ElementsEdit