Natural Archaic


Archaic are protective and caring. They live in close-kit herds and travel together always. If one becomes separated, the others won't rest until their missing comrad is safely back in the pack.


2' - 4'

Fun! Fact

Archaic are playful little critters with alot of energy. They will chase their owner for hours just to get attention.

Danger! Fact

Remember folks, it's a dinosaur. It's still a wild animal no matter how cute you think it is. Be wary of babies as they tend to nip harshly, and never, ever anger an adult or it might be the last thing you ever do. Archaics are masters of pack hunting and won't hesitate to use such tactics on a cruel owner.

Famous Archaic

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The Archaic (pronounced Ar-cha-ic) is a rare pet, specially obtained. It was released January 24th 2010, in honour of the artists (Art) 25th birthday.

It resembles an adorable young dinosaur, and lives in the rocky, dry areas of Anatheria. It migrates yearly however to hatch and raise its young in the more fertile parts of the globe.

Archaic is a real word in English, and is defined by as: "primitive; ancient; old: an archaic form of animal life".

The flashing avatar features the Angelic element and was created by Kla.

Official InformationEdit

"As hinted in its name, the Archaic is an ancient form of life, brought back to being via the method known as the Will and the Word."

The plural of Archaic is Archaic.
Both male and female Archaic are known as Archaic.
Currently all Archaic are drawn by Art.

Obtaining an ArchaicEdit

Archaic are only obtainable through the use of an Archiac Morphing Vial on pre-existing pets. These potions can be bought from user stores or created using an Archaic Fossil. Archaic Fossils are dug up in the Powerdrop Mine on Star Island, though they are very rare. The Fossil can the be taken to the Witch Doctor on Mystical Paradise, who will ask for an Empty Vial and a Bottle of Water to complete the process. Upon returning with the asked-for items, the user is immediately presented with an Archaic Morphing Vial. Due to the price of Alchemist materials, it's almost cheaper, and certainly quicker, to just buy a morphing vial.


  • The 49th pet to be released on Anatheria.
  • Prior to its release, the Archaic was viewable as a dark shadow through the binoculars.
  • The Archaic was originally designed and created by Art a few years back, but the method of release wasn't created until done until the Mining profession was released.
  • The first pet to become available through the Witch Doctor.


Available Archaic ElementsEdit