Anthars are Anatheria's main form of currency. There is no definite depiction, but they are most likely small coins. They should not be confused with Donation Tokens, which can be earned by donating to Anatheria.

Plastic Anthar

A Plastic Anthar (item).

Methods of earning antharsEdit

Anthars can be earned in a variety of different ways, which include:

  • Collecting interest
  • Playing games
  • Random events
  • Selling items in your Shop
  • Battling in the Arena (if Warrior)
  • Voting for Anatheria
  • Winning the AWC or AFAC

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Spending antharsEdit

Anthars are the currency accepted by most NPC users, with the exception of Hally, the Crystal Deity, and April, who have their own seasonal event currency. However, anthars are always used in user shops. Some games like Your Choice, Elemental War, Guess the number, Hangman, and Kla's slots require you to pay a small amount of anthars before playing.