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== Anatheria ==

Anatheria is a virtual pet site that was created to allow people of all ages to own and play with any pet they may desire.

You can battle with your pets in the arena to gain levels, earn anthars (the site's form of currency) by playing games such as Noughts and Crosses (aka Tic-Tac-Toe) and Hangman, take on a profession to help boost your wealth, and more!

You can chat in the forums and make buddies -- Anatheria has a considerably small, but undoubtedly close and warm community! Many users will take newbies under their wings or just give them a few items to help get them on their feet. There are also forums for Roleplaying-- both for beginners or more experienced, advanced writers.

If you prefer to communicate with just a single person, there is Anamail, the private message system. You can also join a club -- or make your own -- to help find friends with similar interests.

There are also many choices for pets; there are over forty species (including canine, feline, equine, and dragon types, as well as the more abstract pets), many of whom come in up to eleven elements (Air, Angelic, Demonic, Fire, Spiritual, Earth, Water, Miasma, Crystal, Lightning, and Lunar) and twelve colors (Peridot, Sapphire, Topaz, Roseate, Amethyst, Albino, Onyx, Garnet, Graphite, Amber, and Pearl).

Each user is given four pet slots; you start off being able to own a maximum of four pets. Most can be created, but a few species can only be gained from the Hatchery (which restocks eggs monthly). Others have secret methods of creation or special items needed in order to unlock them. If you want more pets, all you need to do is donate real-life currency to purchase a Pet Collar from the Donation Shop, which will grant you one new pet slot per collar. Once it has been bought from the Donation Shop, the Pet Collar takes the form of an on-site item and can then be sold in user shops for anthars or given away to a buddy. Due to the popularity of obtaining pets, the cap on pet collars was removed on April 4, 2010. As a result, the maximum amount of pets that one could potentially own is the maximum value of a signed 32bit integer: 2,147,438,647 pets! Due to the possibility of one person taking so many coveted names, the restriction on pet names was also removed so that you can name your pet whatever you wish (even if someone else owns an existing pet with the same name).

Other items found in the Donation Shop include Gender Vials (to make your gender-neutral pet a male or female), Namingways (which allow you to change a pet's name-- and because more than one pet can have the same name, it's easy to create your beloved Jack/Sarah/Fluffy), or Premium Account stars (which provide with some special site privileges, such as more daily gameplays and larger limits for forum posts).

So Join Anatheria today! You won't regret it!