Albert, busy creating a plushie.

Albert is a NPC character on Anatheria. He is an elderly Graphite Zenox. There has not been much information given about him so far, but he currently has one plushie, the Crystalmas Albert Plushie.

One News post on March 8th, 2010, told us this information about Albert:

"Do you know this guy? Probably not, he's not been formally introduced yet. But for now, his name is Albert and he's a wizz at making plushies. Or at least, he was until his eyesight started to fade. Now he trains other Zenox in the art of plushie making, as he believes only Zenox have what it takes to be true masters of tinkering, what with the multiple eyes and limbs."

On May 31st, 2010, Albert was made the Official Tinker Keeper. He also has a new large image drawn by InsaneCoffee.


  • Albert is his last name. His first two initials are G.Z., although no one knows what they stand for.
  • In his childhood, he often took plushies apart, in order to see how they were put together in the first place.
  • He has a chumbuddy named Deborah, who is a Peridot Dragon.
  • In his youth he was a Sapphire Zenox; he faded to Graphite as he aged. He also developed age-spots.
  • He had to overcome difficulties when it came to creating plushies. While Zenoxes have four arms, they have no thumbs, and only two claw-like fingers on each hand.


First News Post About Albert