The AWC (Anatherian Writing Competition), is a writing contest held and judged by the super moderator Flaafo. All you have to do is write and submit a poem, short story, and ocasionally a never ending tale to Flaafo by the end of the month or sometimes week for judging.

Curious as to who were the previous winners? Then check out the AWC Results page.


There are two categories to choose from, but you can only enter one at a time. The never ending tale category is hosted during special events, but mostly during the holidays when the judges have the time to read all the entries. Flaafo cannot accept entries that are faxed or sent via postal mail, so it is important to be able to get your entry on your computer.


Minimum of 4 lines, maximum of 30 lines. Line breaks are not included in the count.

Short story:

Maximum of 1000 words.

Never ending tale:

The never ending tale category is currently on hold. But usually what the judges do is post a plot and the users have to reply to it. The way it goes is that for the first round they pick ten winners, and then they narrow down until the last two or three are standing. The judges then pick the winners and award them their trophies and other items they might receive that are usually rare or uncommon among other users.


All winners receive a Map of Competition, a Bespectacled Seraph Plushie, Anthars and a coloured trophy referenced to the category and place the winner received. The judge may also sometimes provide a special reward.


Entries are judged during the weekend. The judge takes as many various styles and abilities as possible into consideration, so that each member has a fair chance of winning the AWC. Your chances would considerably increase if you spell correctly, and use the correct grammar and punctuation, as this is what the contest is all about, but if you have put a lot of visible effort into your entry, that would be a great asset. Try your best and you may very well win.


Your entry must be your own, original, piece of literature. Your entry must be Anatheria related. If a theme is set, your entry must be Anatheria related and within the theme relation. Your entry must have a title. You must include your username. You must be within the provided word limit. Mature content: Please remember that young eyes are going to be reading your stories. Writing detailed gore/mature content over PG-13 will count against you during judging period. Characters: Your plot and characters must somehow be related to Anatheria. You may not use canon characters from games/movies/anime, but you are allowed to use their names. Word Count: Be sure to see how many words there are in your story before submitting. You wouldn't want a wonderful piece rejected because it was 300 words overboard, would you? You may not sell your entry for any form of compensation. If your entry doesn't win, do not become insulted or disheartened. Just try again for the next round. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your entry being disqualified without warning. If you wish to use a winning piece of AWC literature on Anatheria, you must include the winner's username. Off-site, you must also include the trademark notice:

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