The AFAC (Anatherian Fan Art Competition) is a contest held every week or two by the super moderator, Miilydork. Any user may join the competition, but all Anatherian rules still apply to the entry.

Curious as to who were the previous winners? Then check out the AFAC Results page.


Your entry can be a banner, avatar, or an artwork entry. You can enter as many times as you like, but submitting the same entry will not increase your chances of winning. What kind of art are you asking? Well here you go:

Avatar: You can use any Anatheria image in your entry. Must be 75x75 pixels.


You can use any Anatheria image in your entry. Maximum of 350x150 pixels.

You cannot use an official Anatheria image in your entry; the art must be created by your own hand. You can make a fanart/re-vamp of any Anatheria image. Anthropomorphic pets (pets with human characteristics) are also allowed. Maximum of 350x350 pixels.


All winners receive a Map of Competition, a Paint Splattered Seraph Plushie, anthars (the amount varies according to your placing) and a coloured trophy referenced to the category and place the winner received. Miilydork occasionally provides a special reward.


Entries are judged during the weekend. The judge takes as many various styles and abilities as possible into consideration, so that each member has a fair chance of winning the AFAC. Your chances would considerably increase if you are a skilled artist, but if a lot of effort has been visibly put in, that entry may also be chosen as a winner. It's important to try your best and not be discouraged if you don't place in a particular round. You can always try again next time with a different entry. Winners may also enter again, as there is currently no AFAC ban.


Your entry must be your own, original, piece of work. Do not steal, use, alter, adopt, trace, copy, take credit or redistribute someone elses work or copyright/trade marked images, with or without permission, and submit it as your own. Thieves will be frozen. All entries must be Anatheria related. All submissions must include your username. You may enter each category, but you can only win at one category during an active round of AFAC. Submitting the same entry multiple times will not increase your chances of winning. Your picture cannot have any copyright or trademark symbols on it. Having your username is fine, but it cannot be copyrighted. You may not sell your entry for any form of compensation. If your entry doesn't win, do not become insulted or disheartened. Just try again for the next round. Failure to abide by these rules will result in your entry being disqualified without warning. If you wish to use a winning an AFAC image on Anatheria, you must include the winner's username. Off-site, you must also include the trademark notice:

Anatheria and all related media are © 2004-2010 Jacbox Creative.Edit